The wedding room [part1]

In the previous entry i did mention on how am I going to decorate my bedroom for my wedding day. So, I did some research using Mr Google and it was very helpful since I'm not an interior designer.. So, if you think that you are not born to be creative or imaginative, don't worry! Because I'm not that kind of person too. All you have to do is, do some research and combine other people ideas and make your own! As simple as that! @kenyit Ni beberapa idea yang aku dapat dengan googling. So, all the image is not mine...

[Since aku suka hijau and chocolate so aku share ni aje lah. Tapi, yang color purple nampak sweet juga! Cuma aku kena stick dengan colour gold or chocolate sebab aku nak recycling balik cadar and langsir yang aku guna masa engagement dulu... Biasalah, kalau tak berduit buat cara berjimat. Tak suka lah aku nak hutang piutang atau show off nie... Nanti tak berkat pula majlis aku. Keberkatan kan penting? @senyumkenyit]

Okay, back to the topic.. Actually, I am lucky. Why? My future bedroom is the same size as the master bedroom (20ftx20ft)...or should I say: there will be two master room in the house. ( My parents are renovating the house, that's why we're having two master rooms). Maybe sebab aku yang akan berkahwin dulu maka, semua adik beradik bertolak ansur dengan aku. Hopefully lah... Setakat ni, none of them mention apa-apa pun. So, when it is time to move back to our house, the room (my room lah!) is totally empty and i need to furnish it on my own.

Apa yang aku tengah fikirkan....@fikir
  1. Budget (includes the furniture, curtains and other accessories)
  2. The theme colour ( This will definitely related to the wedding theme)
  3. The best furniture arrangement
As for the budget, the maximum I can afford is RM1,800. @sighWell easy for you to say but it is not easy for me as I'm still jobless. Hopefully by March or April I got a job...@doa Maybe after that i can add it up to RM2K++. So, at the moment the lower I can get is better. Will I???

The theme colour...hurmm @kening dari dulu lagi saya berkenan dengan warna pucuk pisang atau something yang looks elegant macam warna gold and a bit creamy chocolaty (apa warna la tu...). Lebih kurang macam yang aku paste kat bawah ni la... Ada pink sebab it looks sweet. Aku rasa color combination ni ok kot ke caca marba ekh? @garuWhat do you think? Anyone? Opinion pleasee....

Last - The best furniture arrangement. As you can see below is the 3D image that I created using one of the application in the internet. This stuff was fun as we can create our own room according to the real size plus we can furnish it with the equipments that is available. So, at least boleh la aku imagine how my room will look alike walaupun maybe tak semua furniture dapat aku beli exactly the same. At least it gives me a little help that I need...Kalau letak langsir baru okay kot? Especially langsir yang berjurai dari siling sampai ke lantai...

Kalau tak silap aku, aku dapat tahu tentang perisian ni dari one of the blogger yang tulis tentang her wedding preparation, Mrs Ladynoe kalau tak silap aku. Ada beberapa idea dari blog dia yang aku suka. I think she inspired many people including me. She had succeed so why not me kan? Belum cuba belum tahu!

Actualy, there are many things that I wish to write and share about. But, i'm feeling so tired now. So sebelum aku keluarkan idea yang tak bernas, I stop here and of course will continue later.

[psst: aku rasa blog ni mcm dah jadi wedding planner aku...and I liked it!]

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