Creative & practical??

Salam lovelies,

I guess I was a bit emotional in the previous entry and thus today I decided to share some fun with you guys. Or perhaps an entry to say that I'm okay now! ;)

Living in Australia has taught me to be creative and practical (?) person. Creative in a way that you can see things differently and being practical as if you can make the most of something. I'm not sure if I'm using the right term though. I'm not a 'guru bahasa' (haha).

What I'm trying to say is when you see some old stuff or an abandoned things or things that is no longer in use and turn it to something useful using your own creativity! I know most people in Malaysia will just throw away things that they no longer need. I use to be one of them! (hee...) But here in Australia it is so different. If they have things that they no longer need or use, they usually donate or give them away to others for free. Some even sell them for cheap/ at reasonable price during garage sale or market day. Most of my stuff that I collected or get are from the charity/bundle shop, garage sale, market or just pick up for free. Ni baru namanya praktik cara hidup Islam ey?

Anyway, one day when I was on the way back from somewhere ( I can't remember), I saw a toy house! It's a big toy house! And I always wanted a toy house.... when I was a kid of course! The condition was not so bad. Just a little bit of rusty and dusty (heh).

Since I don't have kids yet, so I don't really need this yeah? But, the moment I saw this toy house I know I can transform this cutey into something more practical for me to use.... Can you guess?

 We just dismantle this toy house, give it some fresh look with new colour and reassemble it back! Tadaaaa.... Now, it became a cabinet/ cupboard which I use to put my dvd and book collections. And le-hubby claimed one shelf to display his diecast car for helping me to get the job done!

So, what do you think? Was it practical and creative? ;P

'critical moment'


So, I've been on hiatus. Though a lot of things had happen around me like so many events to attend every week which is makan, makan, makan (lol), have to repeat an experiment (adoii!), some new experiments (damn!) which lead to another 6 months of extension! LA HAWLA WA LAA QUWWATA ILLAA BILLAH..... So that explains why I haven't update anything... Heh!

Anyhoo, I just realized after almost 3 years doing phd, I haven't talk much about my own "lonely journey" in this blog let alone describing to my readers on what I'm doing. Heh! I guess that's because I don't like people to know about how sad and frustrated I could be sometimes or perhaps most of the times? Heh!. Although, I know it's normal to have ups and downs in life especially during phd things but sharing it with public doesn't change anything. Some good people will give positive comments but some 'people' will just enjoy reading it. Probably they feel relieve? when they know they're better than you are. What the heck ey..

Anyway, I stumbled upon this ... 

which is so true! So,I shouldn't feel threaten? anymore (haha). All I need is to stay calm and keep on going. InsyaaAllah, HE will always be with me. And maybe sometime I can just jot down my 'unpleasant' moments without worrying about other people thoughts ey?

... And in case if you're wondering, I'm in environmental engineering field. My research is to develop two different types of membranes in order to extract heavy metals from water/ wastewater. Basically it involves lots, lots, lots of nasty chemicals during the process which is why I'm still 'berdua' and not yet 'bertiga', 'berempat' or 'berlima'! So, please, please, please stop asking me the same question all over again!

#feeling tired and annoyed#


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