Yesterday meeting went well... Alhamdulillah. But my SV want me to speed up more. He told me that my structure writing was perfect but I need to write more and not just 3 pages per week. Aiyyoo... The truth is, I spent a lot of times to create a good structural writing with less grammatical errors as I'm not really good at English. I can write more pages but I'm not sure how good can it be....

Sometimes I'm wondering, how come I score high marks in ielts? The same marks as Ms X used to get. She's damn fluent in English and was graduate with first class hons in US. The moment she starts to speak I hardly pick up as she talks very fast with some 'weird' accents. Haha- *Blame me* I envy her. Yes I do. And I envy those people who can speak and write fluently.

Anyways, I'm grateful that Allah has given me this chance to pursue my study in oversea. Something that I always dream of. With this opportunity, I'm going to give my best not only to gain PhD but also to master my English.

Language is not something easy to learn. You have to read, listen and speak everyday. The best way is to communicate with other people. You'll need a lot of time. But, people say, "practice makes perfect". That's why I change my normal bahasa writing to english writing in order to learn not to show off my weaknesses. But then, I started to lose my regular friends in this bloggie world... Eermm is it because of my bad english or people are just not interested in english reading? No offense-

Whatever it is I'll keep on writing and I hope that one day somebody who have good command in English will came across my blog to support me, to give good comments and encouragement and be one of my sincere friends. And I pray to Allah some day all my hard works will be paid.

For those, who are still visiting and reading my 'two cents of writing' thank you. I welcome you. It doesn't matter if I don't have many followers because all I need is just a friend! Sincere ones!

Nurul Syuhadah Pre Wed Video

Good morning everyone! How was your weekend? Anything nice? Hopefully everyone is enjoying their weekend. I wish my weekend is longer and and and.. I don't have to meet my SV every Monday! *sigh...@sigh* because it makes my weekend stressful especially when I noticed that my progress was SLOW for the week.... *sigh again@sigh*

Five hours more till I meet my SV but still have time to blogging...hehe... Macam habibi cakap, "Buat apa takut jumpa SV. Bukan nak jumpa hari ini aje tapi setiap hari Isnin selama 3 tahun! Itupun kalau tak extend!" Haha.... This is what we call a motivation of the day. Adat lah tu kalau sekali sekala kena marah, kena tegur, kena puji...dah namanya pun student kan? Dulu masa ko mengajar student pun ada juga time marah-marah, membebel, memberi nasihat, semangat, pujian and etc kan? So, sekarang turn ko pula la rasa apa yang pernah student ko rasa! Itulah putaran dunia. As most people always say, "what you give you get back!" So make sure you give good things to others if you want good things in return.

Okay, enough of this crap!@diam

I just watched this pre-wedding video by CST production for Nurul Syuhada's wedding! Nice ones! They used stop motion technique. So more than 3000 pictures were taken in order to create this wonderful video. I like it very much. Terus berangan nak buat video ala-ala gini even though my wedding is already past! Haha... but we have anniversary to celebrate each year, so why not... ahaks!

Anyway, enjoy your watching. Credit to CST production and Oh bulan for this amazing video and info.

BTW, selamat pengantin baru buat Nurul Syuhadah (she's my junior...hehe but I ajelah yang kenal dia!) and Amir. Semoga bahagia ke akhir hayat. And you look so sweet bertudung macam tu (Oh ini merujuk kepada video terkini waktu akad nikah mereka). Harapnya akan kekal begitu ameen.

Snowy Mountain (Finale)

As I promised......

Actually, there are 4 places where you can go for ski, snowboarding and toboggan. The famous one is Perisher but we chose Thredbo. Sebab confirm school holiday ni Perisher packed with people. Luckily, the weather was fine- sunny and frost cuma tak adalah snowing. Thank God sebab I pun tak tahan sejuk. Huhu...

Because we went there just for a day so we don't have enough time to learn and play the ski or snowboarding. So we played toboggan. It was fun and tiring as you have to climb the hill before you slide down.

We also take a lot of pictures while playing in the snow. Jakun lah katakan...hak hak hak... When it started to dark, we packed our things, return the clothes we hired, stop for a dinner and straight away going home.

InsyaAllah murah rezeki, next year we'll come back! And we are planning to stay there... yehaaa...so we will have time to play the ski! ( more pictures @my FB...hehe Malas nak upload )

The end-

psst: Habibi, ermm... next stop?@senyumkenyit

Snowy Mountain (part 2)

Actually we have planned to go to Snowy Mountain on the 2nd July but due to some circumstances we have postponed it to 16th July.

The week before was quite hectic for me and habibi as we had guests, (a family from Brunei) at our home. The wife has just finished her first degree and they are going back to hometown for good. So, we had helped them packing things and cleaning their rented house and let them stayed with us for two days before they fly back. Moreover, Habibi has just started his new work as a mushroom picker which is a tiring work but with good pay@duit (Oo yeah that is just another great story to share!) and I still have some writing progress to be submitted to my supervisor before 16th.. phewww....@penatWhat a tiring week....

But, Alhamdulillah we manage to settle everything and even had time to go for our last minute shopping. Hehehe.... So that night, we packed our things and prepared some foods. At 3.30 am we departed from Wollongong. During the 6 hours journey, we stopped at several places for a rest and to perform our prayer. By 8.00am we arrived at Cooma which is not far away from Snowy mountain.

Here, there are a lot of ski shops where you can hire all the ski stuff, such as parka, pants, boots, tire chains and etc. Me and Habibi just hire the pants and boots as we already have the parkas and gloves. A parka is a windproof jacket with a hood, designed to be worn in cold weather. And of course it has to be waterproof as you don't want to get wet in icy water.....@gigit

In this small town you can also find great accommodations if you wish to stay here for a few days or just an overnight. Some of our friends who came earlier, stayed in one of these beautiful pant house. So, we stopped by to reheat our foods and had our heavy breakfast there.

Owh... I'm just supper lazy to keep on writing so let's jump to the pictures...

The Ski Co Shop, Cooma NSW 2630.

Inside the shop. Variety of ski stuff to choose!

Isi tangki perut!

At the penthouse.

Can you see the snowy mountain there?

we are here....yuhuuuu....

O-ooo....@oeye times up! Need to go to campus. InsyaAllah more pictures to be uploaded soon! I promise! Till then, take care everyone!

p/s: Pls ignore the broken language....saya budak baru belajar...@satu

Snowy Mountain (part 1)

Finally we are here.....:girl_4:

Just a sneak peek... I will update soon...very soon....with lots of pictures and stories. So stay tuned guys...


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