Blissful moments

As Salam...

Yeay! It's still public holiday today.
Tapi, habibi pula kerja! Booo...
But, he's coming home early. Yeay!

Hari ini tak mau cerita banyak. Layan gambar sudah. You all pun suka tengok gambar dari baca coretan isi kan? Anyway, I called this album blissful moments!

Arts in me

Yesss! It's Wednesday!@raya
Two more days to go before a long weekend. This Friday and next Monday is a public holiday for Good Friday and Easter day. I'm not celebrating those days but I enjoy public holidays. Owhh come on, who doesn't rite?@kening

But too bad, habibi has to go to work! So, I guess I just spend my time baking perhaps? or keep on practicing a few songs with my keyboards. I haven't play my keyboards in quite some time since I'm super busy with lab works and baking. Hehehe..... Last week when I tried to play, I keep on forgetting the keys (music) of a few songs that I used to play before. And too bad, I lost my music sheet too. @sigh

FYI, I'm not a good keyboard player. It's just a part of my hobbies and interest. I always had a dream of playing some musical instruments like piano, keyboard and guitar. And I love doing things that related to arts such as panting, sketching, poetic, scrap booking, decorating, photography, fashion (though I'm suck at it!) and lots more.

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Sometimes I'm wondering, how on earth la I'm stuck in engineering world while my hearts always love arts. Nak kata family influence rasanya tidak kot sebab they're all in medical and health fields. So, probably this is what we call destiny. And whatever it is I'm still glad and enjoy what I am doing. In fact, I'm not a real engineer pun. I'm more to a researcher and also a teacher. And as far as I concern, teaching is an art too.

Beriani, ada berani?

As Salam,

I haven't update about my cooking for quite some time. It's because I haven't really cook or bake anything special for the past few weeks. I either hardly have time for it or I'm just lazy to do any cooking. Seriously guys, there are times when I love cooking so much. At that time, it feels like I want to cook/bake more. Cuma masa aje tak mengizinkan. But, there's also time when I feel bored of doing it. Like, seriously malas gila. Am I the only person who feel like this or are you ladies feel the same way too? Oklah, fine, I admit I'm not a fan of cooking not even an expert at it though I love to watch MKR, Master chef and variety of other foods tv's programs.

Anyways, habibi have been talking about nasi beriani for a few times. He also mention about jus kurma that we used to have at At-Tarbush when we were in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan. He didn't request directly to me. Maybe, he thought that his wife is busy and what's more I'm not a good cooker. Hehehe... Last time, when I cooked nasi tomato pun was a total failure kan. Lagi pula nak masak nasi beriani. Ada berani? Mestilah tak berapa nak berani kan.

But being a lovely and understanding wife, you just know that you have to cook it. Belasah aje lah kan. Jadi atau tak belakang kira. Lagi pun bila dah tengok muka habibi ni macam ni ---->:puteh_2: tak sampai hatilah pula kan? Hikkss...

So, last Saturday I managed to cook this for him. Together with ayam kurma and pajeri nanas. And of course, jus kurma yang dia idamkan sangat tuh! Alhamdulillah, even though without instant rempah ratus tapi menjadi juga ya. Thanks to Mat Gebu for this simple and yet delicious recipe. My habibi loves it so much. Hopefully tertunai la hajat dan keinginan dia tuh. Haha...

Kerana cinta apa pun bisa kan?@cinta

Daylight saving end...

Happy Monday everyone!

We are already in April! How time really flies? Starting from 1 April, the daylight saving already end. Daylight Saving Time is the practice of advancing clocks one hour during the summer months of the year. Now, it is getting into winter, so the time is back to normal with 2 hours time different from Malaysia. Yeay! So last Sunday we got 1 hour extra for sleep. Kiranya pukul 2 pagi untuk 2 jam! Kalau Summer dulu. dari jam 1 pagi terus lompat 3 pagi! You guys confuse ker? I used to get confuse too and it's still confusing me. Hehehe... So, I just follow whatever people around me say so. Cepatkan jam, I cepatkan. Kalau disuruh lewatkan I pun lewatkan.

And apart of that the prayer schedule also change. Contoh kalau sebelum ni Zohor jam 1 lebih now jam 12 lebih dah masuk waktu. Asar pun dah jadi awal sejam which is at 3pm plus plus. Yang best tuh tak isya' masuk awal isitu pada 7 plus plus berbanding summer dulu yang hampir jam 10pm!

Ada good and bad juga lah. The good thing is since isya' masuk awal jadi boleh lah saya tidur awal. Hehe... Cuaca pun dah start dingin, kalau summer boleh cecah sampai 40 degree celcius! Mujur tahun ni tak panas mana. Paling panas pun sehari dua aje itu pun dalam 30 degrees. Most of the time it's cloudy and raining. Tu yang sampai banjir kat certain part of OZ. Walaupun I'm not a fan of cold weather tapi rindu juga nak main toboggan atas snow. Hihihi...

And part yang paling tak suka bila mendekati musim sejuk ialah waktu siang yang singkat. Nak pi berjalan pun rasa tak seronok. Kejap je dah gelap. Waktu solat pun dekat-dekat aje especially zohor and asar. So I have to aware of that supaya tak terleka. Tak pasal-pasal terlepas waktu kan.

Apa pun sekarang masih lagi autumn. Suhu pun tak lah sejuk sangat dalam 21-25 degrees jer. So, tak pakai coat pun ok lagi. Rasa macam dah adapt pula dengan cuaca dingin. Dulu masa opismate saya pasang aircond below 23 degrees pun I dah kesejukan. Now, boleh rasa panas lagi. hehe... Tapi, kalau suhu dah below 20 degrees and windy haruslah pakai jaket kot. Maka, haruslah buka beg dan keluarkan semula stok-stok baju winter manakala stok-stok baju summer pula akan masuk beg!

Apa pun, saya akan nikmati setiap detik waktu ni tak kiralah musim sejuk ke panas ke but I just hope it'll be sunny day everyday as my mood quickly change when it's rainy.


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