Beriani, ada berani?

As Salam,

I haven't update about my cooking for quite some time. It's because I haven't really cook or bake anything special for the past few weeks. I either hardly have time for it or I'm just lazy to do any cooking. Seriously guys, there are times when I love cooking so much. At that time, it feels like I want to cook/bake more. Cuma masa aje tak mengizinkan. But, there's also time when I feel bored of doing it. Like, seriously malas gila. Am I the only person who feel like this or are you ladies feel the same way too? Oklah, fine, I admit I'm not a fan of cooking not even an expert at it though I love to watch MKR, Master chef and variety of other foods tv's programs.

Anyways, habibi have been talking about nasi beriani for a few times. He also mention about jus kurma that we used to have at At-Tarbush when we were in Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan. He didn't request directly to me. Maybe, he thought that his wife is busy and what's more I'm not a good cooker. Hehehe... Last time, when I cooked nasi tomato pun was a total failure kan. Lagi pula nak masak nasi beriani. Ada berani? Mestilah tak berapa nak berani kan.

But being a lovely and understanding wife, you just know that you have to cook it. Belasah aje lah kan. Jadi atau tak belakang kira. Lagi pun bila dah tengok muka habibi ni macam ni ---->:puteh_2: tak sampai hatilah pula kan? Hikkss...

So, last Saturday I managed to cook this for him. Together with ayam kurma and pajeri nanas. And of course, jus kurma yang dia idamkan sangat tuh! Alhamdulillah, even though without instant rempah ratus tapi menjadi juga ya. Thanks to Mat Gebu for this simple and yet delicious recipe. My habibi loves it so much. Hopefully tertunai la hajat dan keinginan dia tuh. Haha...

Kerana cinta apa pun bisa kan?@cinta

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  1. Hanis MY Says:

    uwaaa pengsan! nampak sungguh yummylicious!


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