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Yesss! It's Wednesday!@raya
Two more days to go before a long weekend. This Friday and next Monday is a public holiday for Good Friday and Easter day. I'm not celebrating those days but I enjoy public holidays. Owhh come on, who doesn't rite?@kening

But too bad, habibi has to go to work! So, I guess I just spend my time baking perhaps? or keep on practicing a few songs with my keyboards. I haven't play my keyboards in quite some time since I'm super busy with lab works and baking. Hehehe..... Last week when I tried to play, I keep on forgetting the keys (music) of a few songs that I used to play before. And too bad, I lost my music sheet too. @sigh

FYI, I'm not a good keyboard player. It's just a part of my hobbies and interest. I always had a dream of playing some musical instruments like piano, keyboard and guitar. And I love doing things that related to arts such as panting, sketching, poetic, scrap booking, decorating, photography, fashion (though I'm suck at it!) and lots more.

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Sometimes I'm wondering, how on earth la I'm stuck in engineering world while my hearts always love arts. Nak kata family influence rasanya tidak kot sebab they're all in medical and health fields. So, probably this is what we call destiny. And whatever it is I'm still glad and enjoy what I am doing. In fact, I'm not a real engineer pun. I'm more to a researcher and also a teacher. And as far as I concern, teaching is an art too.
4 Responses
  1. Fathiyah Says:

    for those who can play piano & guitar, i salute them lah.talented ;)

  2. Zainur Says:

    Fath, so true! Especially those yg bisa main piano using right hand and left hand. Saya setakat right hand aje boleh lah...dah tua2 blaja main, otak lambat pick up sket hehe...thanks for dropping by :)

  3. CaDLyNN Says:

    wah..pandai main piano..bestnye..
    lin tak berbakat lgsg..kikiki

  4. Aida Lela Says:

    menarik nya..memang berjiwa seni :)


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