Do you have any dreams?


Do you have any dreams? Have you ever dream of something and after a few years later it comes true? Well I do!

When I was young, I admired those kids who managed to get straight A’s in UPSR, PMR or SPM and were announced as one of the best student in their school. Not just that but their picture was appeared in local newspapers and some even luckier to be featured on news. I was jealous. So I had a dream that one day I could be like them too. After a few years, my dream was coming true. I was announced as the best student in engineering department and I won the best thesis in environmental field. I received the award from Sultan Mizan who was the chancellor at my Uni. My picture appeared on local newspapers. I was blessed. Thank you Allah!

I also had dreamt to be a doctor and to study abroad. But I did badly during my matriculation years plus my English was lousy. So I was dumped in a course which I never think of. Unlike my best friends they scored with flying colours and both of them managed to study medicine abroad. I felt embarrassed so I keep distance away from them. But still, I keep on dreaming and believing for years that one day my dreams will come true.

Now, those dreams are coming true. Even not exactly as I planned or dreamt but I think it is much better than anything I could think of. Now, I’m pursuing my doctorate study in Australia. That means, soon I will become a doctor. Well not a medical doctor as I dreamt of but a philosophy doctor and later on will be a professor or professor emeritus? Who knows! Isn’t it sounds much better?

And long ago when I was a kid I want to rollerblade so much. But I didn’t dare to ask my parents to buy one for me. I kept close to my heart. But last weekend, I went shopping to Dapto with my dear hubby and guess what? He bought me a rollerblade for 5 dollars? Isn’t it great?

So, what I’m trying to say is it is okay to have big dreams as long as we work for it unlike Mat Jenin who had dreams in dreams! I remembered my mom once said, “Dream with your feet on the ground”. So, friends, let’s start dreaming!@rindu

We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.

Louisa May Alcott

Save the date...

Just a quick update...

'Save the date' video. Not mine! But, Tomok (New Boyz) with Ayu. They're getting married on the 1st July. His video was made by CST production. Kinda unique & must be costly…Anyway enjoy watching it!

Life as a wife...

It has been a while since my last update. Few days ago, I've been busy writing my research proposal. Very soon, I'll start my lab work and my life is getting busy and busier each day...Well, the journey has just begun and may Allah give me the strength, patience and guidance and time to blogging to complete my study within 3 years (or less). Yeah, less is better....of course! Ameen....

Life as a wife
We have been together as husband and wife for almost 9 months now. Wow, never thought that time flew that fast! Tapi, baru last 3 months terasa hidup bagai suami isteri. Before this, we were 'weekend husband and wife'. So, I haven't got a chance to be his fully wife doing housework chores and show him my super not-talent in cooking! But now, living together and far away from Malaysia, I have sort of expose the real me...Heh-

Well guys, I'm not good at cooking. Seriously! The first time I learn how to cook is when I was 20. Itu pun masak nasi saja. But later on, when I stayed with friends during my final year degree I already know how to cook simple dishes like telur masak sambal, sayur campur goreng, nasi goreng, daging masak kicap, tomyam pakai perencah and ikan berlada. But I never had guts to cook curry, sup tulang and other complicated dishes! Terukss kan?

Before this, kalau malas masak or dah jemu dengan masakan sendiri, akan senang lenang mencari warung di luar rumah. But now, I have no choice but have to cook even though all the times sometimes I feel lazy or tired. Because here in Wollongong, not every stalls is 'halal' and everything is expensive so we need to save our budget. 1AUD = RM3! So, aside from my own lab at the Uni, my kitchen has become my 2nd lab and my beloved husband is the supervisor! He's the one who praise my cooking, gives good comments, support and even help me in the kitchen. I'm so blessed to have him in my life. Thank you Allah. And thanks to I have learnt a lot of simple delicious dishes such as Nasi tomato, nasi lemak, tomyam (without perencah cube), ayam Vietnamese, chicken curry, soup and a lot more! And now, I wish that we have oven at home because I'm so eager to bake cakes, cookies and western foods.

Okay, I guess I have to stop right now. I need to continue with my proposal writing. Wish me all the best yea. And InsyaAllah, in a near future I will try to share my favourite 'simple delicious dishes' especially for the working wife. Till then take care everyone! Cheers...

Persimmon picking

Last two weeks, we went for Persimmon picking with several friends at Cedar Creek Orchard. With 5 dollars per entry (for adult), they took us inside the orchard, showed us how, what and where to pick! We strolled for about 30-45 mins and picked whichever fruits that we like. We were allowed to taste only ONE fruit! ( kedekut!). The fruits that we picked will be charged per kilo and the price depends on the season. Usually 5-6 AUD per kg and the picking season start from mid April to the beginning of June. It was fun for me as I never had experience in orchard fruit before. Not even in Malaysia. Okay, now lets the pics do the talking!

p/s: I love the colours of autumn! BTW, persimmon is pisang kaki. Really nice, sweet and fruity@kenyit

Death by the snow

Today's weather is so cold even though it's bright and sunny day. I can't feel the heat and I'm shivering to death as I walk to the nearest bus stop. :girl_6: The temperature is expected to be at 8-10 oC. I know this is just the beginning of winter. The temperature may drop to almost zero. Who knows?@garuHow I wish I'm at Malaysia right now even though lately people keep complaining how hot the weather is like. But I like hot, well not too hot maybe...but not this cold! gggrrrrrrrr.....

I'm glad that I didn't choose places like Europe or Russia to further my study. If not I'm gonna be 'death by the snow'! Do you know that before it's snowing the temperature drop? So it becomes freaking cold. But as snow falls, the temperature stabilize and become warmer. Actually, snowing does not cause the warmth but the relative warmth cause the snow! (Haha- You may want to check that info again!).

Even though I like warmth weather but, I'm still dreaming of playing in the snow like skiing, snowboarding or at least building up a snowman. Hehehe... Therefore, by the end of this July, we are planning to go to Snowy Mountain with some friends. My habibi keep teasing me about this since I am very prone to cold. Yeah sikit punya sejuk pun I dah menggigil tahap giga. And everytime I'm shivering, he will cover me with 2 pieces of blankets and hug me tightly so that I'll become warmer. I'm so bless to be his wife and the fact that we're already married. @cinta So to all single ladies out there (especially to those yang sudah berpacaran) cepat-cepatlah menikah and stay away from zina. Feel the sweetness of married life.@kenyit

Here, are some of the pictures of Snowy mountains that I captured from goggle. If you want to know more about snowy mountains, wait until I blog about it or just simply click this website.

Nice, isn't it?

p/s: Please forgive me for my improper language and grammatical errors. I'm not good in English writing but I still wanna give a try... I feel so shamed...@topi


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