Persimmon picking

Last two weeks, we went for Persimmon picking with several friends at Cedar Creek Orchard. With 5 dollars per entry (for adult), they took us inside the orchard, showed us how, what and where to pick! We strolled for about 30-45 mins and picked whichever fruits that we like. We were allowed to taste only ONE fruit! ( kedekut!). The fruits that we picked will be charged per kilo and the price depends on the season. Usually 5-6 AUD per kg and the picking season start from mid April to the beginning of June. It was fun for me as I never had experience in orchard fruit before. Not even in Malaysia. Okay, now lets the pics do the talking!

p/s: I love the colours of autumn! BTW, persimmon is pisang kaki. Really nice, sweet and fruity@kenyit

3 Responses
  1. Hanis MY Says:

    salam kenal dari sendai...

    bestnya pergi ladang kaki (kat sini pisang kaki dipanggil kaki)

    all d best with ur studies... (attach dgn u mana?

  2. Zainur Says:

    Hanis, baru saya tahu di Jepun panggil kaki ya...Salam ukhuwwah utk hanis jua! Awak pon study yer di sana? Saya attach dgn umk :)

  3. Hanis MY Says:

    bestnyaaaa attach dgn umk...dulu masa apply umk takde kimia huhu so apply umt... org kelantan ke?


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