Life as a wife...

It has been a while since my last update. Few days ago, I've been busy writing my research proposal. Very soon, I'll start my lab work and my life is getting busy and busier each day...Well, the journey has just begun and may Allah give me the strength, patience and guidance and time to blogging to complete my study within 3 years (or less). Yeah, less is better....of course! Ameen....

Life as a wife
We have been together as husband and wife for almost 9 months now. Wow, never thought that time flew that fast! Tapi, baru last 3 months terasa hidup bagai suami isteri. Before this, we were 'weekend husband and wife'. So, I haven't got a chance to be his fully wife doing housework chores and show him my super not-talent in cooking! But now, living together and far away from Malaysia, I have sort of expose the real me...Heh-

Well guys, I'm not good at cooking. Seriously! The first time I learn how to cook is when I was 20. Itu pun masak nasi saja. But later on, when I stayed with friends during my final year degree I already know how to cook simple dishes like telur masak sambal, sayur campur goreng, nasi goreng, daging masak kicap, tomyam pakai perencah and ikan berlada. But I never had guts to cook curry, sup tulang and other complicated dishes! Terukss kan?

Before this, kalau malas masak or dah jemu dengan masakan sendiri, akan senang lenang mencari warung di luar rumah. But now, I have no choice but have to cook even though all the times sometimes I feel lazy or tired. Because here in Wollongong, not every stalls is 'halal' and everything is expensive so we need to save our budget. 1AUD = RM3! So, aside from my own lab at the Uni, my kitchen has become my 2nd lab and my beloved husband is the supervisor! He's the one who praise my cooking, gives good comments, support and even help me in the kitchen. I'm so blessed to have him in my life. Thank you Allah. And thanks to I have learnt a lot of simple delicious dishes such as Nasi tomato, nasi lemak, tomyam (without perencah cube), ayam Vietnamese, chicken curry, soup and a lot more! And now, I wish that we have oven at home because I'm so eager to bake cakes, cookies and western foods.

Okay, I guess I have to stop right now. I need to continue with my proposal writing. Wish me all the best yea. And InsyaAllah, in a near future I will try to share my favourite 'simple delicious dishes' especially for the working wife. Till then take care everyone! Cheers...
2 Responses
  1. CaDLyNN Says:

    kite pon tak retu nak masak yg susah2..hurm..kene start blaja masak ni...asyik2 wat sambal je..hihihi

  2. Zainur Says:

    Cad, sambal tu memang pembuka selera! Wajib ada hari2...hehe


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