Death by the snow

Today's weather is so cold even though it's bright and sunny day. I can't feel the heat and I'm shivering to death as I walk to the nearest bus stop. :girl_6: The temperature is expected to be at 8-10 oC. I know this is just the beginning of winter. The temperature may drop to almost zero. Who knows?@garuHow I wish I'm at Malaysia right now even though lately people keep complaining how hot the weather is like. But I like hot, well not too hot maybe...but not this cold! gggrrrrrrrr.....

I'm glad that I didn't choose places like Europe or Russia to further my study. If not I'm gonna be 'death by the snow'! Do you know that before it's snowing the temperature drop? So it becomes freaking cold. But as snow falls, the temperature stabilize and become warmer. Actually, snowing does not cause the warmth but the relative warmth cause the snow! (Haha- You may want to check that info again!).

Even though I like warmth weather but, I'm still dreaming of playing in the snow like skiing, snowboarding or at least building up a snowman. Hehehe... Therefore, by the end of this July, we are planning to go to Snowy Mountain with some friends. My habibi keep teasing me about this since I am very prone to cold. Yeah sikit punya sejuk pun I dah menggigil tahap giga. And everytime I'm shivering, he will cover me with 2 pieces of blankets and hug me tightly so that I'll become warmer. I'm so bless to be his wife and the fact that we're already married. @cinta So to all single ladies out there (especially to those yang sudah berpacaran) cepat-cepatlah menikah and stay away from zina. Feel the sweetness of married life.@kenyit

Here, are some of the pictures of Snowy mountains that I captured from goggle. If you want to know more about snowy mountains, wait until I blog about it or just simply click this website.

Nice, isn't it?

p/s: Please forgive me for my improper language and grammatical errors. I'm not good in English writing but I still wanna give a try... I feel so shamed...@topi

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