As Salam Peeps! How's life going on?

As I inform earlier, I was in Melbourne for the last weekends till yesterday. It was a short trip for work and also a weekend getaway. We departed from Sydney airport on Saturday morning at 9.35am and arrived at Melbourne airport (Tullamarine) around 11.15am. From the airport we took a shuttle bus (Skybus) to Melbourne CBD (town). A single ticket (adult) for one trip will cost you 16 dollars but a return trip will only cost 26 dollars. And the tickets are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. There are also others option for family packages at cheapest price. Please visit their website here for more information. The 20 minutes journey will end at Southern Cross Station and from that station you can take a mini Skybus to your own private hotel/motel for free. Again, please refer to their website to check the participating hotels and pick up locations.

During the visit we stayed at Hotel Ibis formerly known as Hotel Iblis Haha, a 2 star hotel. The location is very near to Victoria Market- a-must-visit place to shop for cheap souvenirs. Only 5 minutes walk from the hotel. However, please take note that the market is close every Monday and Wednesday. So please plan your visit accordingly. Besides Ibis, there are hundreds of hotel and motel including service apartment located at CBD area. So you have lots of options to choose from and if you book early or during weekdays, I think you'll get cheaper rates.

Tetiba aje....

to be continued...... Haha- sorry guys, have to stop it here. Nanti I sambung cerita lagi with lots of piccas ya!
3 Responses
  1. CaDLyNN Says:

    bestnye p jalan2.............

  2. Chekgu Azrine Says:

    tetiba jek akak jeles.. hehehe

  3. Zainur Says:

    Cad, best la juga...meluaskan pandangan dan perbanyakkan pengalaman

    Chekgu, akak jgn jeles2...insyaAllah ada rezeki akak nanti


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