Bermusafirlah for good

As Salam.

I read this poem of Imam Syafie when I watched the video of Allahyarham Ahmad Ammar Ahmad Azam (read his story here). Allahyarham was deeply touched by this poem and indeed, it has given me some impact too, deep inside my heart...

I couldn't agree more with this meaningful words as I reflected this poem to myself now compared to who I was 3 years before (?).

Just look at ourselves now. We're surrounded by family and friends. All familiar faces and places. We are actually in our very own comfort zone. Suddenly, everything changed. We were assigned to a different place. We need to find a new house. with new neighbours. New faces. New roads. Everything is new. And thus we need extra time to adjust and adapt ourselves. 

But new things is always good, no? Though, at first it would be difficult. But, somehow at the end we'll manage ourselves rite? If not, you won't be here today reading my entry ey? It's just the matter of time, I guess. Some people can easily adapt and some will take longer time. But, finally we did it. That's what matters most!

So, what actually changed?

In my case, I have to move from Malaysia to Australia. Indeed, it's a BIG change to me. Totally different country. Different people with different background, culture, language, religion and bla bla bla.... At first it was difficult for me to understand them. Yes, they speak English and frankly, my English is not really good what more to understand their Aussie slang! Gosh! Furthermore, They don't have street stall that sell Malaysian foods like nasi lemak, roti canai, teh tarik, goreng pisang and so on. What more halal foods.  And then, they don't have many mosque or prayer room in every city/ state which make it difficult for me to pray when I need to travel around. And the worst is, (at least for me) they don't have bidet in toilet! It is like nightmare to me! Hahaha.... As I've never been to any Europe/ English country before not even anywhere! Memang katak bawah kaca sungguh!

But, now I'm still survive yeah! Alhamdulillah! My English has improved, I know where to find halal meats and how/where to find a prayer place. My husband and I learn how to cook like Masterchef (our favourite TV's program). In fact I have learned so many new things. For example, I thank the bus driver every time I get off the bus which I never did before. I greet and smile to old people and sometimes strangers whenever I pass by them on the pathways. I recycle things a lot. Learn to say the word 'please' often. Be a good driver on the road -no honking, more patient and considerate to others. Learn to express my thoughts and feelings openly. In fact, I think if Australian people were Muslims, they will be a good ones! There are so many things that make this country much more better than ours. Seriously and no offense guys! In term of concept 'negara berkebajikan' dan 'rakyat didahulukan', Australia mempraktikkan nya and Malaysia hanya sekadar sebuah slogan dan angan-angan(?). Enough said!

Back to the topic, so being a musafir or traveler would definitely make us a better person. We will see, think and act differently. Being more open minded and even wiser.Not to forget making more friends and learn about different cultures. And make us appreciate things even more! And of course menjadi hamba yang lebih bersyukur dan lebih dekat dengan penciptaNya.... InsyaaAllah!

Warghh....seems like the longest entry I ever wrote ey? I was actually wanted to share my latest event with you all but I don't know how I end up writing all this. He he he... So, here goes the pictures of me and my friends receiving an acknowledgement certificate for being a volunteer in many Uni events/programs...

See, if I were in Malaysia I won't involve in such thing. Concentrate belajar je memanjang! But, here in Aussie I've changed (a bit).... and hopefully when I'm back again in Malaysia, I'll keep the momentum and spread the good things to my sisters and brothers of Islam and whole nation... InsyaaAllah!

p/s: Sorry for my bad English, I'm still learning yaww~ 
3 Responses
  1. Atish Hashim Says:

    Salam... I'm felt so excited when I read your post, In Sya Allah next year going to fly there.. Can't wait for next post ;)

  2. Zainur Says:

    Chekgu : Tq :)

    Atish: Thanks for stopping by! Are you coming here for studying or vacation? Hope you'll have a great ones! ;)


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