Xmas break, can't wait!

Helloo hellooo....

This is the final week before x'mas and new year break! Yeehooo!! 
I'm so thrilled. YES, I AM!!
In fact, I'm desperately need some break. 
Not holidays. Not really....
Break is fine. 
All I want is to be able to do my own/things at home like day dreaming, being lazy, watching back to back movies/ drama series, reading novels, blogging, blog walking, and blah blah blah without feeling guilty like today! 
Hee hee....

I know, I skipped Uni again! If he ever find out, I'm so in trouble.
But hey, this is what we called the spirit of the holiday!
After all, I only got this chance once a year.
I hope he'll understand that I really need break for my study. Don't you agree?
Oh, you must! Otherwise, back off!!! Haha- (Evil laugh)

Okay, okay....
But, I still spent my time reading a boring journal. I did!
And one is actually enough because it's so difficult to understand.
Seriously, I try to understand it very hard.
I read like 3 lines then I do the facebooking a while.
Read again the same 3 lines and then blogwalking for 15 mins.
Read two paragraphs and then watching gilmore girls for an hour!!
OhMakAii!! This is so bad! 
But, it felt so good!
And a bit guilty.... =_="
....of course!

So, I better go back and read a few more paragraphs....



1 Response
  1. Chekgu Azrine Says:

    akk pun mood ke laut..plus dah ada ank ni..huhu


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