I love my lush!

After reading so many good reviews on Lush product, I finally decided to try one. Well not actually one but a few! Hee hee.. That's happen when I bumped into the shop accidentally. Yes, accidentally!!! Didn't know all this while it was there even though we have been to the place so many times. Huh?!

Actually, that day, we were looking for Hobbyco shop. It's a big toy shop with so many amazing toys not only for kids but for adults too! And my hubby is a big fan of die-cast car and I promised him the other day that I'll bought him one if he promise to come with me to the ICIS party. I know that he doesn't feel like joining the crowd that night so I purposely make him an offer because I KNOW he will NOT RESIST this. And FYI, a die-cast car can cost you as minimum as 200 aud! Ohhh Mak Aii!!! And as I expected, he says 'yes, why not?' (See, told ya'!). Siapa nak tolak rezeki weyy! So, promise is a promise! As a good wife, 'janji mesti ditepati' not 'janji dicapati!' Okay fine! =_="

Ohh no, why I'm telling you guys this when I'm suppose to tell you on my Lush product! Gggrrrrrrrrr...

Okay, let's back to the main story....

So here are what I bought the other day:
1. Creme Anglais (Hand and body cream)
2. Snow Fairy (shower gel)
3. The Olive Branch (shower gel)
4. Karma soap
5. Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar

And guess what??? I'm so in love with Lush now!!! Not only me but, hubby also like them and he's super in love with the snowy fairy. It smells like bubble gum and you feel like eating yourself with it. Haha- So funny! And the creme anglais is my favorite body lotion for now. It's not only work well on my skin but the smells are awesome too! It smells like vanilla chocolate ice cream and again you feel like licking them because it is so yummylicious!!! After a few days wearing this cream, I feel my skin softer especially on my elbow and knee which is rougher before. And it also help to moisturize my skin which is very good. I think it's worth every cents and I'm sure will purchase it again.  

For the other products, I haven't try them yet. So sayang nak pakai takut habis! Hee... But, I can tell you that their smell are good too. And I promise I will make another review after I try them all.

I feel so happy and so glad that we got lost that other day otherwise I won't know Lush was there! Next time if I go there again I wanted to buy the massage bar. Can't wait!

Okay, that's all for today and I'm late to Uni! Warghhhh....

2 Responses
  1. Chekgu Azrine Says:

    kat sana murah ek?xpnh dgr produk ni la sis..kt mesia ada x?

  2. Zainur Says:

    Sis, kat Msia tak ada.... Kat singapore ada kedai dia tapi mahal gila.....huhuhu.. Kat sini saya rasa ok la kot...still mampu beli....hihi..


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