Autumn in my heart


I miss my little bloggie and I haven't updated anything recently. I've been occupied with many things and I hardly have my own sweet time! Sometimes I wish I could just take a break from everything and give my mind a rest. But, time really flies so fast. It never stops even for a second. And now half a year has already gone.@oh

Anyways, now we're entering the winter season. The weather is getting colder...@gigitaggggrrr... With wind and rain, make them even worse... I don't really like winter cause I can't stand the cold . And I feel like days become shorter as night is longer. Can you just imagine, around 6pm ++ is already isya'.. Most of the time I sleep early, right after isya'...Hehehe.... Because that is normally what I do in summer season. Because in summer, the day is longer than night. Around 10 pm baru masuk isya'. Sometimes, sampai mengantuk mata nak tunggu isya' @ketuk That's why I love spring! Not so cold and not so hot. The days are just like normal plus beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere. It just feel so good..@siul

...and suddenly autumn say, "What about me? What about me?":puteh_21:

Me reply to autumn: Autumn, you're always in my heart! When I first arrived here, it was you the ones who welcome me. And this year, you fill me up with good memories too. Autumn, you're always in my heart!"@cinta

*Such a drama queen!*

Okay lah girls, I just wanna share with you some of my recent pictures taken during autumn which I have no time to update about ... well, maybe later or maybe not...hihihi... Just for the sake of my own memories.....

3 Responses
  1. CaDLyNN Says:

    autumn in ur heart ye..
    lin kt sini baru aircond je pon tak tahan..cmnela nk pi oversea..ekekeke :p

  2. Zainur Says:

    Lin, dulu kita pun tak tahan jugak...aircond sikit je dah skrg sdkt sbnyk badan cuba membiasakan diri...huhu

  3. Hanis MY Says:

    tak lama lg dah nak winter...enjoy ur autumn moments...


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