Oh, My English is...


When I was young and just about to learn to speak in English I used to say, "Ma, can you open the TV please". Mom would definitely laugh and said, "You don't say 'open' but you say 'switch on' ". That's because I directly translate from Malay to English word. Mom is so damn good at English and so does my grandpa. He used to work with British a long time ago and he also can speak a little bit of Japanese. Whereas me, I always mix up between Malay and English. Yeah, most Malaysian people speak "Mang-lish" and so do I. We even add "lah" at the end of sentence. For example: "You should try to read this book 'lah'. It's good!"

Even sometimes I accidentally use words like "lah", "kan" and "aah" while talking to my international friends. It just blurt out from my 'Malay tongue' mouth! Can't help it. Hee hee hee...@jelir

And yesterday, I came across Maria Elena's blog who post on "Oh, My English" a new TV shows that will first premier on 20 May 2012 at Astro TVIQ. Yaww! I immediately fall in love after watching some of their videos. I think it's a great show to learn how to speak English correctly. But too bad we don't have Astro channel in Ausie...@gigil Sob sob sob. I hope somebody will upload this show on the internet so that I can watch it later. *finger cross*

Well, let's watch and laugh at some of the common mistakes WE Malaysian always do!

For more videos please visit: http://www.astro.com.my/ohmyenglish/ and let's make promise to speak better english. Click here!

psst: I laughed when I see watch the "chop" video. I think I did that most of the times and I'm so glad that the 'mat saleh' who work at the EEC didn't really 'CHOP' my form. Haha-

psst: In Malays, the 'chop or cop' is actually refer to stamp.

psst: And I'm also glad to have Kel, Pet, Bob and others international friends who have help me a lot in improving my English. Love you guys so much!
3 Responses
  1. CaDLyNN Says:

    mcm best citer tu..lin pon kene improve lg my english...teruk..hehe

  2. Chekgu Azrine Says:

    yup.. my englis is broken too sis.. hahaha.. still have to improve..

  3. Hanis MY Says:

    nice sharing! boleh pektis english masa gropu meeting, weekly seminar dan meeting dengan sensei je. time lain dah mix eng-jap hehe... all d best to us!


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