Be a man and cook!

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Men who can cook are definitely attractive! Ladies, do you agree with me?

I say so because....
1. whenever I'm busy or come back late from work he already prepared dishes for me.
2. whenever I'm sick and not feeling well, he cook for me and serve me on bed! (mengada you)
3. whenever I feel lazy or tired he just volunteer to cook

And what make he's more attractive is when he actually not even know how to cook before he got married. And I just feel so lucky and blessed to have that kind of man!

Some girls would have been dreaming to have a future husband who can cook. Either because they are not good at cooking or they just love to have ones. I mean, who won't? Isn't it great to have some one who can help you in the kitchen. Me, myself pun kadang rasa jemu asyik masak aje everyday. Sometimes, dah tak tahu apa nak masak apa! Maybe because I'm not the one who loves to cook kot? I would prefer eating than cooking. Hikhikhik... Me on the other side, have never dream something like that even though I'm not good at cooking. I was positively think that I would learn and master it after marriage. And my other half, he knows nothing about cooking except 'masak maggi' if that can be consider as cooking.

However, as time change people change too rite? Change for the better la of course! Since we are living 60,000 kms away from our families in Malaysia so nak tak nak kena belajar hidup independently. Nak dijadikan cerita pula, tak lama lepas kami diijabkabulkan, we terus fly away. So, we learn pretty quick how to survive. And I'm so glad my partner (hubby) has helped me a lot. Masa awal-awal he helps me in kitchen (potong bawang, sayur etc) and later he managed to cook for me all by himself. Now, I boleh jer request nak makan apa but of course I kena provide the recipe so that he can just follow the instruction.

So, as a conclusion I think, every man can cooks actually. It just the matter of the willingness jer. I'm pretty sure guys yang studying/working kat overseas (especially yang belum kahwin) mesti sedikit sebanyak pandai memasak at least one simple dish. From my observation, kebanyakan kawan-kawan saya yang isterinya belajar, suami nya mesti expert memasak itu pun selepas datang overseas! Tapi, tak semualah. Ada juga laki-laki yang egoistic yang fikir kerja memasak ni hanya untuk wanita sahaja. So, sabar saja lah.

There might be a few factors for guys yang studying/ working kat overseas pandai masak:
1) Mungkin sebab kat sini tak da warung yang kalau malas boleh drop by or singgah untuk tapau and makan. Here in overseas, is not that easy to find halal food except yang belajar kat timur tengah or live in a community yang ramai muslims.

2) Kalau ada restaurant halal pun, it might be expensive. Kalau everyday, kerjanya nak makan luar aje boleh kopak.

3) Pengorbanan atau rasa cinta suami terhadap isterinya yang belajar.

Anyways, even you (guys) tak belajar or kerja di luar negara sekalipun, itu tak bererti yang you man have no reason to learn cooking. Kenapa? I believe every wife and mother would be pleased if their husbands or sons happen to cook for them at least once in the blue moon. Percayalah! Sebab cooking is not man's specialty (except for those who are gifted like Chef Wan) so, bila sang lelaki masak untuk sang wanitanya definitely wanita itu feel special- disayangi/ disanjungi/ dihargai etc. Perasaan itu adalah sangat membahagiakan. You will not only make your wife happy but seeing your love ones happy would definitely makes you happier. Betul tak para isteri? Haha... Try it and experience it and you gonna love the result.

Entry ini adalah untuk menggalakan para suami (terutamanya) untuk memasak sekali sekala bagi menunjukkan rasa cinta dan penghargaan kepada isteri instead of saying 'I love you' but why not express it in different way? What say you guys? Haha!

For wifes, jangan tersinggung atau berkecil hati if your man doesn't know how to cook or not even help you in the kitchen because they might be good at certain other things that we might not even realize it. Just be grateful and keep on cooking dengan seikhlas hati because the ganjaran di akhirat sana lebih besar dari apa yang kita bayangkan. So, let's cook even tho' malasnyaaaaaaaa yang amat. Heeee...

P/S: However, having a husband who is really good at cooking could (sometimes) also be annoying... Hihihi....
6 Responses
  1. CaDLyNN Says:

    seronoknye dpt hubby yg ringan tulang..rajin mmbantu ye...

  2. Imran@Copenhagen Says:

    I love to cook. But i love to eat more than cooking..hhaha
    anyway, nice new layout template!!

  3. Zainur Says:

    Cad, alhamdulillah...bahgia rasa...

    Imran, HAHA....xpe janji sekali sekala turun padang...heee

  4. Hanis MY Says:

    wahh cantiknya wajah baru blog me likeee... ayat last tu sgtla comel haha... semoga bahagia dunia akhirat aminnn...

  5. amirah Says:

    hai akak!!

    Tiba-tiba boleh sampai ke sini. And I had fun reading..=))

  6. Chekgu Azrine Says:

    Sis..akk ada dishes yg akk suka mr hubby sardin..mmf dia expert n sdp nk mkn sardin sedap..akk suruh dia buat..jek..jek sikit..ikhlas je dia buat..kan??


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