Ramadhan di bumi Down Under

Aloha! It has been a while since my last update. I have been really busy. I just started my first lab work last week which is on the 2nd day of Ramadhan. At the same time, I still need to complete my first proposal & my weekly progress report as usual. So, it's kind of hectic..

@cakapApa taknya, balik aje dari Uni kelam kabut nak memasak untuk berbuka lagi. Tambahan pula sekarang musim sejuk so waktu berpuasa singkat. FYI, NSW is 2 hours earlier than Malaysia. Around 3pm waktu Malaysia we all dah berbuka puasa. And by 6pm waktu Malaysia we all selesai berterawih. Cepatkan? Usually after Iftar mata dah start mengantuk..after terawih memang terus rebah dalam lamunan mimpi. Then around 4 am dah bangun and start the day..... @cakap(edisi bebelan!)

Enough of those babbling!

Ramadhan in overseas are no different than Ramadhan in Malaysia. Except for the shorter time period of fasting compared to Malaysia. But that will depends on the season. Lucky we, it's winter so our days are the shortest and the nights are the longest! But if Ramadhan appeared in Summer, it's the other way around. However, in overseas we don't have PARAM (which is known as pasar ramadhan). So it's fair and square. But as for me, I don't really enjoy going to PARAM because the place is usually crowded with people and I hate being in crowded places. Furthermore, I don't thing so all the foods there are yummies even though they look tempting with different shapes and colours but normally the taste are the same and some are awful (This is according to my experience and no offense on others!). Some of the unethical sellers even 'recycled' back their unfinished 'lauk' that they sold the day before. And some of them biar aje their foods terdedah sana sini. Dengan lalat, batuk, bersin, manusia can you just imagine how many bacterias are there and what if we termakan?? And again, I have no offense on any buyers or sellers. I just express my feelings based on my experience or probably I'm just too hygienic? Even my family prefer the home cook. Normally we just buy soya itu pun not so often. But if you are a fan of PARAM than I suggest you go and buy earlier masa stall baru buka and go to the stalls yang clean and covered their foods. That way, will reduced the possibility of buying contaminated food.

Owhh...I'm babbling again!

Anyways, we have an Islamic community here. There are quite a numbered of Muslim people especially those from Arab countries and we also have a mosque nearby. So normally we perform isya prayer and terawih at the mosque. They do have iftar everyday but, we prefer to break the fast at home. Sometimes I feel homesick and I miss breaking fast with my family members. But the feeling of homesickness disappeared when someone (Malaysian community) host an Iftar event. Everyone will bring their own foods and drinks and we share among us. We break the fast and pray together. It makes me feel close like one big happy family.

Iftar event taken by Hovis Ho

Whatever it is, I'm glad that Allah has granted me another opportunity to experience this holy-month. This time around with my beloved habibi. Hopefully, I can make the best of it as I'm not sure if I'm lucky enough to be in the next Ramadhan.

And in this opportunity I would like to ask for forgiveness if I ever hurt any of you through my writing. I'm just a normal human with lots of khilaf. I wish Ramadhan al Mubarak to all of you and may Allah increase our Iman and accept our good deeds. Ameen.
2 Responses
  1. Chekgu Azrine Says:

    selamat menempuh pose di perantauan ye

  2. Zainur Says:

    Selamat berpuasa juga utk chekgu!


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