Yesterday meeting went well... Alhamdulillah. But my SV want me to speed up more. He told me that my structure writing was perfect but I need to write more and not just 3 pages per week. Aiyyoo... The truth is, I spent a lot of times to create a good structural writing with less grammatical errors as I'm not really good at English. I can write more pages but I'm not sure how good can it be....

Sometimes I'm wondering, how come I score high marks in ielts? The same marks as Ms X used to get. She's damn fluent in English and was graduate with first class hons in US. The moment she starts to speak I hardly pick up as she talks very fast with some 'weird' accents. Haha- *Blame me* I envy her. Yes I do. And I envy those people who can speak and write fluently.

Anyways, I'm grateful that Allah has given me this chance to pursue my study in oversea. Something that I always dream of. With this opportunity, I'm going to give my best not only to gain PhD but also to master my English.

Language is not something easy to learn. You have to read, listen and speak everyday. The best way is to communicate with other people. You'll need a lot of time. But, people say, "practice makes perfect". That's why I change my normal bahasa writing to english writing in order to learn not to show off my weaknesses. But then, I started to lose my regular friends in this bloggie world... Eermm is it because of my bad english or people are just not interested in english reading? No offense-

Whatever it is I'll keep on writing and I hope that one day somebody who have good command in English will came across my blog to support me, to give good comments and encouragement and be one of my sincere friends. And I pray to Allah some day all my hard works will be paid.

For those, who are still visiting and reading my 'two cents of writing' thank you. I welcome you. It doesn't matter if I don't have many followers because all I need is just a friend! Sincere ones!

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  1. Hanis MY Says:

    yes, its good to practice it in blog, (eceh tumpang practice kat sini gak boleh?) stuju2, followers tu tak ptg kdg dia singgah n ckp folo sini folo me back and they never ever come back, just write whatever u feels like writing, there are always silent readers u know... insyaAllah i will always drop by here to jot down my babling hehe...

    my english are poor too! nak2 duk jepun kdg perkataan jepun ingt tp tak ingt english haha..teruk tak? adehhh

  2. Chekgu Azrine Says:

    setju sangat dengan part "practice makes perfect"..

    kadang2 saya juga menulis blog dlm english.. tp bkn utk show off..cuma nak berlatih menulis je.. if ada salah sikit2 apa salahnya.. nobody perfects rite??

  3. Zainur Says:

    Hanis: Thanx for your support! You really make my day happier ;)Hanis skrg dah tau lebih satu bahasa dr saya...itu hebat!

    Chekgu: Thanx atas kata2 semangat itu. Cikgu sila lah beri tunjuk ajar pd saya... :)

  4. Chekgu Azrine Says:

    Zainur,..SKTM 2 tu stand for Sk Taman Melawati (2)

  5. Imran@Copenhagen Says:

    Keep up with your good writing!

  6. Hanis MY Says:

    p/s: tq for the lovely wish!


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