Snowy Mountain (Finale)

As I promised......

Actually, there are 4 places where you can go for ski, snowboarding and toboggan. The famous one is Perisher but we chose Thredbo. Sebab confirm school holiday ni Perisher packed with people. Luckily, the weather was fine- sunny and frost cuma tak adalah snowing. Thank God sebab I pun tak tahan sejuk. Huhu...

Because we went there just for a day so we don't have enough time to learn and play the ski or snowboarding. So we played toboggan. It was fun and tiring as you have to climb the hill before you slide down.

We also take a lot of pictures while playing in the snow. Jakun lah katakan...hak hak hak... When it started to dark, we packed our things, return the clothes we hired, stop for a dinner and straight away going home.

InsyaAllah murah rezeki, next year we'll come back! And we are planning to stay there... we will have time to play the ski! ( more pictures @my FB...hehe Malas nak upload )

The end-

psst: Habibi, ermm... next stop?@senyumkenyit
2 Responses
  1. Hanis MY Says:

    gambar last tu sukaaaa sgt so sweet n romantika d amor, bestkan leh men snow walaupun sejuk tapi sonokkkk...

  2. Zainur Says:

    Hanis, sangat seronokk...macam nak main lagi dan lagi...hehe


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