Memorable dinner

Last 2 weeks my hubby and I attended ICIS annual dinner. By the way, ICIS stands for Illawara Committee for International Students. Since I'm studying abroad in Australia, so I take this opportunity to socialize as much as possible with other international students including the locals. It's good to know and learn about other people cultures and countries. Plus, you get a bunch of new friends too! And ICIS is one of the platform where you can get involved with all sort of activities among international student around the world and it's free! 

Sis Amy was the person who introduce me to this group when I first came to Ausie. Being a new student especially in overseas is a new challenge for me. I admit that my English is not that good! Even though I scored quite high in IELTS test which is so unbelievable but I could hardly understand or catch up what are these local people mumbling about. Damn! They speak like bullet train with some weird accent. I have to ask them to repeat again and again, word by word which might be kind of annoying for them. But seriously you should know that I'm a foreigner (from the look) and English is not my mother tongue so you have to be considerate la kan? Haha-

But as I join this group and meet these lovely volunteers, I improved a lot. Not only in term of speaking and listening but I also gain more confident. I realized that I'm not the only person who has trouble with the language but there also other people facing the same problem and some of them are much more worse. So I should feel more confident, I guess?.... Heh!

After a few times joining this group and become their 'loyal student', they invited me to be one of their committee member. What a nice opportunity, I thought! So, I agreed and since then I become one of their volunteers and help them organizing a few activities which is fun. I got a lot more friends and I'm so glad. This annual dinner is one of the event that we organized.

These are some of my lovely friends....

And this is unexpected surprise that I got with the rest of ICIS volunteers.... Thank you for the appreciation. I'm touched! Haha- gediks!

To Kel and Pat, thanks for giving me this great opportunity and experience that I will never forget. I will definitely miss you guys when I'm back to Malaysia. (Macam la nak balik esok!) And of course for the rest of my international friends... Hope that we will still keep in touch with each other.

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