Back pain!

Hi lovelies!

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Today I'm spending my time at home. Not because I'm lazy to go to Uni... ohh well partly lazy maybe! But the real reason is I'm suffering of back pain. It has been like a week but I try to ignore it. I assume it's because of the 'non-stop lab works' that I have to face everyday from 8 am till 5 pm (sometimes). Like yesterday, I was at Innovative Campus to do some lab works and it took me the whole day from early morning until late evening to finish up everything. I know, I can just stop and continue my work the next day but I force myself to finish it off because I feel not comfortable working at other people's places. Plus, sometimes people treat you like a total stranger and you feel unwelcome. I feel like telling them that this machine that I'm using is used to be at my campus. But then, it was moved here due to some political issue between our campus. So, that's why I'm here. Uuurggghh...

But yesterday was different. I feel a little bit comfortable or should I say really comfortable. It's because my supervisor is here with me in the morning. Although he's not my main SV but he had help me a lot and he's not 'calang-calang' punya orang. Meaning that, when he's around people greet him and treat me better! Hee hee... And he's such a friendly Ausie guy, young and handsome! Hee hee... With him I can talk about weather or other things but with my main SV we only talk about research and we talk seriously! Two different characters but both are good, young and smart and they're my role models in supervising my own students in the future. Insya'Allah...

Actually, I wanted to talk about my back pain tapi dah melalut ke lain pula ya! Anyway, here I am at home enjoying myself. I hope none of them are looking for me today. Kalau my SV cari pun lantaklah. Semalam I dah bertungkus lumus so today I deserve a rest. And I'm going to watch Adam and Hawa. I missed 2 episodes already. Nasib baik boleh tengok online. I have read the novel long time ago and I still can remember 'sikit-sikit' tapi bila tengok drama boleh berangan lebih sikit. Hahaha... And later, bila dah feeling feeling gitu boleh lah I pula continue with my own dejavu stories. I know, dah lama I stop and I need to asah balik my writing skill. If I'm not who I'm today I think most probably I'll become musician and writer kot. Alhamdulillah, Allah letak I kat jalan ni kalau tak hanyut kot. Hihihi.... But still minat menulis tu ada lagi. Well who knows one day I'll publish my own novel. Hihihi... Mampus kalau dekan I tau!

Oklah ladies, I'm gonna watch Adam Hawa now. I promise I'll update again later....Insya'Allah. Till then, have a great weekend everyone!
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  1. sk Says:

    back ache pon salah satu tanda stress. so take a break! :)

  2. nadia Says:

    salam kak zainur. :)
    first time nadia singgah sini. tau blog akak dari blog lynn. alang2, nadia terus follow. salam kenal kak. :)


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