Surprise party!!

Salam everyone...

Hola! Long time no blogging.. Sorry lovelies for being hiatus for a while. I have been quite busy actually with my new gadget @sederhana work. What a lame excuse but it's so true! Today I have special meeting with my lovely principle SV and co-SV. I'm quite nervous actually as I don't have much things to report.. Aaahh... belasah aje la kan! Dari tak jumpa langsung I'll be lost in my own research world...

Okay, just cut the crap!

This entry is specially dedicated to my bff Marcella. She's a sweet girl from Brazil. We only knew each other for 3 months but we became close. She's an exchange student doing master degree in food nutrition. She's only here for 3 months and now she is leaving for good. I'm happy for her but at the same time I'm sad because I'll lose a best friend. Sob...sob...sob...@sedih

Anyways, last Sunday was her 22nd birthday, *Yep, she's so young!* so I decided to throw her a surprise little party at her house. I planned it with another 2 friends and one of them is her housemate so that would make my plan go smoothly. Hehe... I love making surprises and I enjoy surprises as well. @kenyit

We arrived at the destination.

Put the candles on and text-ing her housemate.

Surprise babe!!! She's still wearing her pajamas...hihihi

Simple and yet delicious! I baked for her and it's her fav cheese cake. Tapi, sayang tak cukup lilin...hee hee...

Wajib bergambar dulu sebelum makan!

She told me that she loves the way I smell, so I gave her my fav perfume as a gift.

Hugging!! I'm wearing hi-low dress with jeans. Hehe kerlas gitew! And berlapis-lapis baju di dalam just to keep myself warm. I don't like winter...freezing cold!

BFF forever. Gonna miss you sweety!

Picture credit to my lovely husband, our official photographer on that day! Love you muahx muahx ...

Autumn in my heart


I miss my little bloggie and I haven't updated anything recently. I've been occupied with many things and I hardly have my own sweet time! Sometimes I wish I could just take a break from everything and give my mind a rest. But, time really flies so fast. It never stops even for a second. And now half a year has already gone.@oh

Anyways, now we're entering the winter season. The weather is getting colder...@gigitaggggrrr... With wind and rain, make them even worse... I don't really like winter cause I can't stand the cold . And I feel like days become shorter as night is longer. Can you just imagine, around 6pm ++ is already isya'.. Most of the time I sleep early, right after isya'...Hehehe.... Because that is normally what I do in summer season. Because in summer, the day is longer than night. Around 10 pm baru masuk isya'. Sometimes, sampai mengantuk mata nak tunggu isya' @ketuk That's why I love spring! Not so cold and not so hot. The days are just like normal plus beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere. It just feel so good..@siul

...and suddenly autumn say, "What about me? What about me?":puteh_21:

Me reply to autumn: Autumn, you're always in my heart! When I first arrived here, it was you the ones who welcome me. And this year, you fill me up with good memories too. Autumn, you're always in my heart!"@cinta

*Such a drama queen!*

Okay lah girls, I just wanna share with you some of my recent pictures taken during autumn which I have no time to update about ... well, maybe later or maybe not...hihihi... Just for the sake of my own memories.....


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